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Our music project, Top 40 Songs, was created back in 2016 as a neat way of curating music that we thought that other people might enjoy as much as we did. Now, it has quickly become the main destination for finding the most popular music charts and songs in a wide variety of different genres each week, such as pop, rock, indie, EDM, and folk music. This can be seen by checking out our independent playlists on Spotify.

Something that makes Top 40 Songs unique compared to other music projects is our dedication to making sure that each of our playlists has a strong concept behind it that gives our users the respect and build that they deserve. In order to do this, we spend our time focusing on updating our top 40 charts and playlists with music that is selected carefully by hand. So you can consider us to be more like a good pal who took the time to make you a digital, worldwide version of a mixed tape of music like you got back in high school.

If you have any music suggestions or you are interested in our Spotify playlist placement, be sure to click here. Also, don’t forget that we can help you locate all of the music artists who were streamed the most each week and give you an exclusive glimpse of alternative bands, independent music projects, and new artists that are still working on trying to be discovered.

As you can see, Top 40 Songs is a great way to help you find some of the most amazing top 40 songs this week that are available worldwide. So hurry and check out our favorite playlists of the top 40 singles on your mobile device or your computer at work or at home. We hope you like everything that we picked out!