Reach the right audience, and gain streams, followers, and fans on Spotify, with 100% Organic Spotify Playlist Pitching.

100% organic – No bots

Only real listeners. We analyze a playlist for a minimum period of three months before offering it to our musicians.

Experienced Spotify Playlist Experts

With over 5 years of specialized experience within the music industry, we have already helped more than 2000 artists achieve their goals.

New Music Friday and Discovery Weekly

Our campaigns increase your chances to be in algorithmic & editorial playlists from Spotify.

Fast Results

Without hiring professionals experienced specifically in Spotify, it would probably take you more than a full year to achieve the result of a dedicated 1-month Spotify pitch campaign.

Zero Risk

With so many illegitimate services out there, thousands of artists have already had their songs deleted from Spotify. With our Spotify playlist pitching, there is not even a remote possibility of that happening. We constantly track the playlist's activity to keep you protected.

Money-back guarantee

If your song doesn't reach the total amount of follower reach placements, we offer a 100% refund, guaranteed. 

How Our Spotify Pitch Campaigns Work

1) Choose and Purchase Your Spotify Promotion Package

Choose the perfect package for your needs. From 10 – 30k, we have packages that go up to 1 Million followers reach!

2) We Send Your Song to Our Curators

After selecting the best playlists for your song, we present the track to the curators.

3) You Receive an Email With the Playlist Links

Within 48-72 hours you will receive an email from us containing the playlist links.

4) You See the Results

Immediately in the first days, you will notice the organic increase of streams, followers, and interactions.

Choose the Best Package for You


  • > 100k Follower Reach
  • 2 to 5 Playlist Placements
  • 1 Month of campaign


  • > 500k Follower Reach
  • 6 to 15 Playlist Placements
  • 1 Month of campaign

What Our Artists Are Saying

Frequently Asked Questions helps musicians reach a bigger audience by sending their songs to reliable playlist curators.

We don’t know straight away. After your purchase, we send your song to our curators. If they accept, we move forward. If they don’t, we contact the next curators, who also own playlists that match your musical genre.

If you don’t approve of the placement, you have 24 hours (after receiving our email detailing the placements) to request a change without any penalty.

No, you can order a promotion package before the release day and as soon as you release, the campaign starts.

We can’t guarantee a specific amount of streams because our campaigns are organic.
The number of streams depends on the success of the song, but to give you an estimate, each playlist generates around 80-160 streams daily.

No. We track a playlist’s activity for at least three months before including it in our system.

If you don’t like the placements, you have 24 hours after we send you the placements via email to request a change without any penalty.

After we receive your payment, you will receive your placements within 48-72 hours. accepts the following types of payments:
Payment by credit card via Stripe;
Payment via Paypal;
Payment via Crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum).

No, because we don’t know straight away which playlists your song will be placed on.

First, we send it to curators who have playlists that match your musical genre. If they accept, we start the campaign. If not, we send the song to the next curators.

Run by Carolina Santos, is a company that focuses on the organic growth of artists on Spotify. Over the years, Santos has learned a lot about how to help emerging musicians climb the charts through smart marketing and engagement strategies.

Beginning in 2017, Santos began specializing in Spotify music promotion, and right now, the Top-40-Songs network is formed by playlist curators, representatives, influencers, major labels, and radio stations from different countries.

Passionate about music and the growth of her artists, Santos has boosted the careers of over 400 independent musicians with her music promotion service.

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